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Brownsville Animal Defense (B.A.D.) is a non-profit [501 (c) (3)], volunteer dog rescue organization serving the Lower Rio Grande Valley (Brownsville, TX) area.


   It is the mission of Brownsville Animal Defense to make the Rio Grande Valley a no kill community       through the adoption of healthy dogs, working with the local animal shelter, and educating the             public about humane dog care.


   A healthy dog in every home.


   We believe that every dog has the right to be healthy, happy, and free from abuse, neglect, and             cruelty.

Our Aim is To:   

 ·   Educate the community on proper and responsible guardianship and humane treatment of all              animals.

 ·    Reduce the overpopulation of dogs through spay and neuter programs.

 ·    Provide shelter, professional and personal care to sick, injured, abused, and/or abandoned                    dogs.

 ·    Value our supporters and partnerships with individuals and communities.

 ·    Pride ourselves on being open and committed to our work.

Strategic Goals

   Goal 1:  Advocacy & care to dogs in need

   Goal 2: Reduce dog population & Abuse

   Goal 3: Build organization and financial capacity

   Goal 4: Build a Dog Save Haven Facility

Scope of Services

    As an organization of animal lovers, we pull dogs from the Brownsville Animal shelters and                 provide foster homes until they are adopted. We strive to match each dog with the right family             after the dog has been observed in a foster home.  We provide all medical care including                       vaccinations and food to the dogs as well spay/neuter and microchip.  We take our dogs to                   PetSmart to look for potential "forever" pet parents & homes to adopt these homeless animals. We     work with other rescue groups – locally, statewide, and nationally.  All animals remain in our care       until they are adopted which can range from weeks to years. In addition, we assist local citizens           with maintaining and keeping their dogs.  This may be done through assistance with medical              expenses, spay/neuter, food, education, and displaying available adoptable dogs.

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