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Apply for an Adoption

Please fill out application for your new best friend. If you have any questions please email us. We will contact you within 72 hours of submission. Thank you for choosing B.A.D

Apply to Be a Foster

BAD’s foster program allows us to rescue, socialize and place our dogs and cats into loving forever homes. As a foster parent, you will nurture our dogs and cats (we pay of all of the expenses) until they are adopted.  Fostering is important because it:

  • Offers our dogs and cats a warm, safe, loving environment – away from the life in a shelter;

  • Allows our dogs and cats the opportunity to regularly interact with humans and other animals, which is necessary for successful socialization;

  • Provides valuable insight on the dogs and cats social & physical needs and temperament, which is helpful in matching our dogs and cats with their forever homes.

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Are you someone that would like to put your energy towards helping dogs in need?  

With the help of our volunteers, we can dedicate most of our financial resources to caring for our four legged friends.  Our volunteers provide extensive socialization, handling for our dogs – setting them up for success with their new families.

Join Us As A Volunteer

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