Board Members


Amber Kendall

Rescue Manager

I got into rescue because of my love for animals. I was always drawn to people or animals that needed extra help. I rescue because I know what getting a second chance at life means. I hope one day that I will not have to rescue and that people will treat/respect animals the way they should.


Tony Lopez


Tony is the interim president. He has a deep passion to help animals and educate people on animal welfare.

Margret Colvin

Vice President

Margaret has been the VP of BAD  for 6 years now. She enjoys watching the little ones grow up and find their forever home.


Shirley Wells


Shirley is the money lady! She handles all of the finances and helps us to get the grants we need to keep going. She keeps us on track.


Jo Ann Garcia-Hurley


Joann is fast paced and detailed oriented. She loves finding the best homes for our dogs and extremely dedicated to educating the public on animal welfare.